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Alize Bleu Passion

Alize Bleu Passion is an infusion of delectable passion fruit, fresh cherries and a hint of ginger blended with premium French vodka. Its distinct and delicious flavours can be savoured on the rocks or in the unique, colourful cocktails like the Bleu Royal.

Alize Gold Passion

The "original" Alizé, Alize Gold Passion delicately blends the intensely flavoured and aromatic juices of the exotic passion fruit with premium French vodka. The result is a liqueur that is exceptionally smooth and favourably sweet with vivid passion fruit flavour. Its distinct and delicious flavours can be savoured on the rocks or in unique colourful cocktails like the Golden Margarita.

Alize Red Passion

Alize Red Passion expertly blends the alluring flavour of ripe, exotic passion fruit and the all-natural juices of fresh, tangy cranberries with premium French Vodka. This luscious fusion is remarkably balanced with sweet, vivid passion fruit and crisp, tart cranberries. Its distinct and delicious flavours can be savoured on the rocks or in unique, colourful cocktails like the Party Crasher.

Amour De Paris Rose

The wine has a pleasant sweet aroma with notes of fruit. A magnificent white sparkling wine created using the "method of Sharma." Dry sparkling wine Duc de Valmer Brut created in the region Merignac, near Bordeaux.

Amour De Paris Rose Demi Sec Blanc

A clean, crisp, and refreshing Rose sparkler that is slightly sweet.

Aperol Aperitivo

A classic Italian bitter apéritif made of gentian, rhubarb, and cinchona, among other ingredients. It contains a magical infusion of bitter and sweet orange, and also a mix of herbs and roots.

B & G Cabernet Sauvignon

Red wine, created from the traditional appellation Chablis Chardonnay grapes. This elegant and lively wine is based on the classical techniques of winemaking and has a typical varietal characteristic

B & G Chardonnay Reserve 2017

A light white wine with an enveloping, refined taste & subtle notes of peach, apples & vanilla. Alcohol by volume is 12.5%

B & G Sancerre 2018 AOC

Nuanced and structured whites are dry, medium-dry, or medium-sweet wines with characteristically mineral and herbal flavors and aromas.

B & G Sweet Nature Red

This French wine is delightful and invigorating with lush flavors of red fruits giving it a strong fruity taste yet well balanced on the palate.

B & G Cuvee Speciale Vin Blanc

 A  light crisp colored wine with apple & melon flavors. Alcohol by volume is 12%

B & G Cuvee Speciale Vin Rouge

Deep ruby colored wine with soft refreshing & fruity flavors.