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Alize Bleu Passion

Alize Bleu Passion is an infusion of delectable passion fruit, fresh cherries and a hint of ginger blended with premium French vodka. Its distinct and delicious flavours can be savoured on the rocks or in the unique, colourful cocktails like the Bleu Royal.

Alize Gold Passion

The "original" Alizé, Alize Gold Passion delicately blends the intensely flavoured and aromatic juices of the exotic passion fruit with premium French vodka. The result is a liqueur that is exceptionally smooth and favourably sweet with vivid passion fruit flavour. Its distinct and delicious flavours can be savoured on the rocks or in unique colourful cocktails like the Golden Margarita.

Alize Red Passion

Alize Red Passion expertly blends the alluring flavour of ripe, exotic passion fruit and the all-natural juices of fresh, tangy cranberries with premium French Vodka. This luscious fusion is remarkably balanced with sweet, vivid passion fruit and crisp, tart cranberries. Its distinct and delicious flavours can be savoured on the rocks or in unique, colourful cocktails like the Party Crasher.


Feeney’s is a delicious blend of chocolate, Single Malt Irish Whiskey, and fresh Irish dairy cream. Made in small batches, the cream is taken from local dairies to the distillery within 24 hours to create Feeney’s Irish Cream Liqueur.


Grand Marnier is a delicate blend of fine cognacs and distilled essence of tropical oranges, aged in French oak casks for roundness and subtlety. Long finish of bitter orange, orange marmalade, and hazelnut.

ILLYQUORE(Coffee Liqueur)

Illyquore is a diabolical combination of caffeine and alcohol, this liqueur is the creation of a coffee company 'Illy' and drinks company 'Gruppo Campari'. Simply served with ice or mixed in a ‘favorite cocktail’, illyquore promises to suit any occasion or be an even more promising nightcap.

Schwartzhog Liqueur

Schwartzhog is a herbal liqueur that contains Wormwood, Buckbean and select herbs, roots & fruits of the forest. Enjoy it cold, on the rocks or mixed across a range of cocktails.

Wild Turkey American Honey

Wild Turkey American Honey is an exceptionally smooth liqueur blended with pure American honey and real Wild Turkey Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, perfect served straight or over rocks. It is the sweeter, smoother side of Wild Turkey.

Wild Turkey American Honey Sting

An exceptionally smooth blend of pure honey and Wild Turkey Bourbon with an added hint of ghost pepper. At 71 Proof, it has got more flavour, more kick and boasts a bite of ghost pepper that’s 400 times hotter than your usual, tame hot sauce. It is all followed by that unmistakable smoothness of pure honey to keep you thirsty for more.